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We published a new book on páramos, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change

(4 January 2016)

During 2014 and 2015, I collaborated with the project "Páramo Communities", lead by IUCN. I supported the organizations who implemented the project (Tropenbos, Instituto Alexander von Humboldt, Ecopar, Randi Randi and the Mountain Institute) to design a methodology for the participatory analysis of the vulnerability and capacities of páramo communities to adapt to a changing climate. I also collaborated during the data generation and processing. This study, executed in Colombia, Ecuador and Perú, was recently published and I had the privilege to edit the book. The digital version can be downloaded here aquí. It includes a presentation of the (potential) effect of climate change at the level of rural communities, the perceptions of these communities of the phenomenon, an assessment of their vulnerability and  capacities to adapt, both at individually and collectively. It also includes a brief policy and level context analysis. I hope you like it!

(here more about the "paramo communities" project)